This website has been created for improved access to my employment and personal information in the form of a ‘virtual resume’ for prospective employers, ‘fans’ of ice hockey, and for increased access to people following the teams I coach. All of the information enclosed is based on my coaching and hockey industry related experience and does not include my complete curriculum vitae or C.V. Summary (which can be forwarded upon request).

My goal is to continue to make outstanding contributions in all areas of employment for an organization that hires me based on my previous experience and future potential. As my references will indicate, I maintain very high standards in my work and pride myself in being professional and efficient. I strive to do everything in my ability to accept and conquer all challenges necessary to take my job to the next level.

When you enter my website you will be able to access my personal and professional information. Most importantly, you will be able to access my resume, references, and other pertinent information that will be beneficial to any prospective employer during the hiring process.

Thank you for your time and consideration in accessing this website.


Alex Stein